Room service

In-room dining

If you wish to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in your room, please make your order below. 

In-room breakfast is served between 7.30am and 11am.
In-room lunch & dinner is served between 7am and 10.30pm.
In-room late night service is available from 10.30pm to 7am

Please call 411 from your room to order a tasty meal or drink.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner menu

Order Your Summer Drink Online

Summer Thirst

Having fun at the giant chess board and can’t gate away from the game! Exploring our gardens and found the perfect bench to rest!Summer Thirst Menu:Champagne - Amour de Deutz (white) = 28 eurosFruits Cocktail = 17 eurosMonaco Beer = 14 eurosRed Fruits Mojito = 26 eurosOrder your cocktail or other drinks below through our app! We will serve them right to you wherever you are in the hotel!